In Memory Of


June, 2010

Petunia was found along a road by a volunteer who was on her way to work at Journey's End around 9:00 on a Saturday morning. She had apparently been hit by a car. The volunteer called around for help, but by 3:00 no one had arrived, so volunteer Michelle and several others went to get her. They had to stop traffic for a while as they lifted Petunia into the truck on a blanket. Luckily she was only about half as large as she eventually became.

When the vet saw Petunia, he found that her leg was injured. But since she was still able to put some weight on it, he said it was better not to perform surgery, since pigs don't take anesthesia well. She would always have a bit of a limp, but it was better to let the leg heal naturally than to do surgery on it.

Petunia originally lived in the fenced area where the sheep are now, but it sometimes got too hot for her, so she was moved into her own fenced area in the shade near the Cat House, which soon became known as Petunia's Parlor.

Petunia eventually developed chronic digestion problems. She saw several veterinarians and was treated with medicine. She otherwise seemed to be in good health, but then she died suddenly.

Petunia's Parlor — her large fenced-in area with shade trees and a shelter