In Memory Of

Pepper Ann

July, 2016

Pepper Ann was a 3-legged black Lab mix who was found on the beach in the Daytona Beach area. She was taken to the local Humane Society. It turned out she had a microchip and the Humane Society staff were able to contact her owners, but sadly they didn't want her back.

Pepper Ann was already old when she arrived at Journey's End, but she was in good health until her final days. She lived in the hallway with the other big dogs. She was quiet and very shy.

We were hoping that she would become a companion for Toby, who was depressed after his mother Tabitha passed away, but Pepper Ann kept to herself. (Toby soon passed away also.) She did not care for petting...she would usually get tense and growl a little if approached, but she never bit anyone as far as we know. We still talked to her and tried to connect with her, but she never really came out of her shell.