In Memory Of


February, 2015

Pebbles was a red basset hound who came to us at about 6 years old. She was attacked by her owner's other dog, an English mastiff. She had serious wounds that became infected, and when the vet did surgery to clean out the wounds, he found they were also infested with maggots. He was also concerned she might have to have her ears removed due to the injuries, although luckily they healed.

Pebbles went home from the clinic with our volunteer Jennifer, who kept her for 6 weeks and brought her back to health with antibiotics and frequent cleanings of her wounds. The original owner then took her back, but a few weeks later, the owner's brother called, saying Pebbles wasn't doing well and they weren't able to adequately care for her. So Pebbles became a permanent resident at Journey's End. After several months of various antibiotic treatments, she finally recovered.

Pebbles moved a bit slowly, and she got quite heavy. She liked to sunbathe and sometimes didn't want to come indoors. She loved belly rubs, and her hind leg would start thumping as soon as you rubbed her belly. She was usually very friendly and good-natured, but she would quickly snarl at the other dogs if they got too close to her or her food bowl when she was eating.