In Memory Of


January, 2017

Patches on the back patio of the Cat House

Patches was found as a stray kitten outside a CPA's office in DeLand. He didn't get along with the other cats that were fed outside at the office, and the lady who cared for them was afraid he might get hit by a car, so she arranged for him to come to Journey's End. He had already been neutered.

Patches lived briefly in a cage with siblings Daisy Lynn and Rocky, and he got along well with them. They were all released into the Cat House after they had their vaccinations.

We tried to socialize Patches by petting him and holding him frequently, especially when he was still in the cage and was easy to catch. But for quite a while he was extremely shy with people. He was hard to catch and would struggle to get free if we did catch him. But he suddenly became friendly and had no problem being petted or picked up.

Patches had initially tested positive for feline leukemia. We were hoping it was a false positive, but one day he started acting sick, and he soon had to be put down. He was only around 8 months old.

Patches on the front porch of the Cat House

Patches and Daisy Lynn shortly after arriving

Patches and Daisy Lynn, shortly after they arrived