In Memory Of


May, 2014

Papa and his sister Mama were very wild when they came to Journey's End. They would hide and would barely be seen for months at a time. Florence would have to search for them to make sure they were okay. They were brought in by a kind young man who rescued a lot of other cats, and he came by every week to visit Mama and Papa until he unfortunately passed away.

Both Mama and Papa eventually adapted well and lost their shyness. They both became very friendly and affectionate. They usually could be found near each other. They used to live in the front room, but then were moved to an all-cats room in the main house. They were getting quite old and we thought they would be more suited to a quieter room.

Mama passed away first, but Papa was in good health for another year and a half. He was friendly with the other cats and would often sleep alongside one or more of them. He was very gentle and never bullied the other cats.

Eventually Papa developed a slight nosebleed. The vet said it might be a minor problem if the bleeding was from both nostrils, but if it came from only one side, that would be a bad sign. It turned out he had a cancerous tumor in his head, so he had to be put down.

Papa (left) and Mama