In Memory Of


August, 2013

Paddy was found on the side of the road as a puppy. She was in such bad condition that the vets said they knew she was a living something but they could hardly tell what she was.

Even after many years, Paddy was extremely shy and would usually not allow anyone to pet her or even approach. She would often bark loudly and relentlessly at anyone she didn't know, although once in awhile she would allow someone to sit with her. Her mentor and best friend was Faithful, until Faithful passed away. Paddy lived in one of the back rooms with several of the other dogs because it would have been too stressful for her to be around visitors.

Paddy eventually developed lung cancer. She had had a wellness check-up a few months before and was fine, but then she started coughing and losing weight. The cancer was aggressive and there was no way to save her, so she had to be put down. Florence took her to the vet the same day as Blossom, and was very sad that she was unable to come home with either one of them.