Otis in his doggy wheelchair

Otis was rescued when a puppy mill was raided in Sumter County, northwest of Orlando. He was 17 weeks old when he was rescued. He is a pug, probably a purebred.

Otis had a broken back when he was rescued and was unable to use his hind legs. The vet thinks it was caused by a severe injury such as a kick or getting hit by a car. The injury had already healed, but it healed badly. The vet said there is nothing that can be done to help him walk again, but at least he isn't in pain.

We sent away for a doggy wheelchair from Doggon' Wheels. Otis took to it right away, and he loves running around the yard with the other dogs.

Otis is sweet, friendly, and energetic. He loves lap time when he is out of his wheels. He tells more of his story in our October, 2015 newsletter.

Otis running outside in his doggy wheelchair

Otis in his wheelchair indoors

Otis, Skippy, and a visitor

Otis, Skippy, and a new friend

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