Opie was found as a stray on the streets in Orlando. A lady took him in and got him to a vet, who found that he had a crushed pelvic bone, probably from being hit by a car. The injury had mostly healed, although it may cause him pain or other problems in the future. He also had heartworms, and hadn't yet been neutered. He was estimated to be around 4 years old.

The lady who rescued Opie was unable to keep him since she had another dog who was food-aggressive, so Opie found a home at Journey's End.

Opie was successfully treated for heartworms, and his pelvic injury seems to have continued healing well. He runs very fast, and he and Weezer chase each other around the yard at high speed whenever they are outside, sometimes involving the other dogs as well. They play rough but are best friends and have never hurt each other.

Opie is very outgoing, and he immediately makes friends with anyone who visits. He gets along well with the other dogs in the front room, but he likes upsetting the little dogs by approaching their window and staring in at them, and he often gets into snarling contests with the back yard dogs thru the fence.

Opie tells his story in our June, 2014 newsletter.

Opie on the run

Opie chasing after the other dogs

Opie at rest

Zach, Weezer, Buddy, and Opie

Opie with friends (from left) Zach, Weezer, and Buddy

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