In Memory Of


February, 2016

Ollie on the bed

Ollie was found as a young stray in the mobile home community where one of our longtime volunteers lived. She wanted to keep him, but she already had as many cats as her community allowed, so Florence agreed to take him in.

Ollie lived in an all-cats room in the main house. He was feral and was always extremely shy around people, although he got along well with the other cats and often shared the windowsill or a cat bed with another cat. He might let you approach to talk to him, but if you tried to pet him, he would run off, sometimes hissing and swatting first. He once tore up the hand of a staff member who tried to give him flea treatment without realizing how wild he was.

Ollie lived to be quite old. He eventually passed away suddenly.

Ollie on the cat tower

Ollie on the bed

Ollie with Tuptim and Molly

Ollie, with Tuptim (rear, left) and Molly