In Memory Of


December, 2014

Olivia was a Chesapeake Bay Retriever, probably a purebred. She was found by a couple traveling in their RV. They left her at a vet's office, where she had puppies 2 days later. Before coming here, she had lived for the previous 2 years mostly in a cage at the vet's office, where she was a blood donor.

Olivia was quite wild when she arrived, and she was sometimes aggressive. She was fine with people, but we were told she would try to attack cats, and she tried to attack one of the smaller dogs when she first got here. She even killed some of her own puppies, which the vet said sometimes happens with a dog who has emotional or physical problems.

Olivia soon mellowed out quite a bit and did very well at Journey's End. We always had to keep her separate from the smaller animals, but she got along well with the other big dogs in the hallway. She loved attention and especially liked playing tug-o-war, which she always won. She had jaws like steel and never let go of a toy until she was good and ready. She loved swimming any time of year, and her fur was often wet from her most recent swim in the pool.

Eventually Olivia developed cancer. For awhile we were able to just monitor it, but when she got bloated and the tumor had grown a lot, we knew it was time for her to be put down. She had just been for a swim in the pool that morning.