Natasha the black Lab

Natasha was brought to us by a central Florida organization that rescues dogs and trains them as service dogs for people with disabilities. They had trained Natasha and adopted her to a family in the Jacksonville area, but she was returned to them. At that point she had an injury to her spine or hind legs and could hardly walk, so the rescue could no longer adopt her as a service dog. They had tried a doggy wheelchair for her, but she didn't like using it.

We talked with the people at the vet's office who had treated her injury. They said she had been tied to a stake outside and apparently she got tangled in the rope or chain. They think she may have panicked, and injured her back struggling to get free. She may have slipped a disc in her spine. We thought she might never walk again, but she slowly regained use of her hind legs.

Natasha was around 4 years old when she arrived. She is a Lab mix, possibly part Doberman. She is aggressive with cats, so she lives with the big dogs. She didn't respond to her name at first, and she also showed fear, as if she had been trained at some point with negative reinforcement. Like many dogs, she is very frightened by thunder.

Natasha is good with people, even when she meets them for the first time. She seems much more at ease now, and she walks almost normally.

Natasha in the hallway

Natasha on the bed

Natasha sitting on a blanket

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