In Memory Of


September, 2014

Nadia used to live in a feral colony in Orlando. A woman and her husband came by often to feed the colony. One day in the winter, Nadia climbed into the engine compartment of their car, presumedly to get warm. They didn't realize she was there, and when they started the car, Nadia's left front leg was badly injured. They took Nadia to a vet, but even with medical care, the leg had to be amputated.

Nadia was very shy. She would run off if we tried to pet her, and unfortunately she never warmed up to people, although that may have just been due to being feral in her previous life. She would not cuddle with the other cats, and she had a low growl that she used to scare them off if they got too close. She lived in an all-cats room in the main house.

She was only here for less than a year and a half, and she eventually passed away from heart failure.