In Memory Of

Mr. Peanut

April, 2012

Mr. Peanut was a large chow mix who came to Journey's End from a local women's shelter for domestic violence. His owner was fleeing from a violent home situation, but she was afraid to leave without Mr. Peanut, as sometimes a violent spouse will retaliate against a pet. She brought him to the shelter, but he couldn't stay there, so volunteer Michelle went to pick him up. His owner had to go into hiding, and Mr. Peanut lived out his life at Journey's End.

Mr. Peanut lived to be very old. He was friendly and good-natured. He eventually became nearly blind due to retina degeneration. He lived in one of the back rooms. He often had to have his thick coat shaved due to the hot weather.

One night, Mr. Peanut was having trouble standing and was clearly in pain, so we rushed him to the emergency vet. They gave him some painkillers, then did an X-ray and found a mass in his abdomen. He was too old and frail to recover even if they had done surgery, so he was put down to avoid any more suffering.