In Memory Of


March, 2016

Molly in her bed

Molly, a Walker hound, found her way to an elderly gentleman's front door one day. She was on the verge of starvation. The man fed her for awhile, but because of his age and health condition, he knew he couldn't keep her.

Molly was one of the sweetest and gentlest dogs at Journey's End, although she probably wasn't the smartest. She sometimes would run into something when she wasn't paying attention, and she even fell in the pool a few times. When she wanted to go outside, she used to wait at the left side of the French doors, even though the right side was open (and the left side was permanently closed). It took some time and some coaxing before she figured out that she could go out the right side like the other dogs.

She lived in the back kitchen with Pops and Mickey the cat. For many years, she was best friends with Josephine, until Josephine passed away.

Molly was with us for around 15 years. She eventually had cancer, and had to be put down.

Molly standing by the food bowls

Molly and Josephine share a dog bed

Molly and Josephine

Molly outside by the truck

Molly as a young dog