Misty is an Apaloosa who came to us at 33 years old. She was in good health when she arrived, although she is blind in one eye. Her former owner got Misty when the owner was 12 years old and Misty was still a young horse. Her owner got terminal cancer when she was only in her 40's and had to find a new home for Misty. She has since passed away.

Misty didn't have a stall in her previous life; she just lived outside. Her owner was one of the few people who could ride her because she has an attitude, and she will kick other horses. She now has a sway back and can no longer be ridden.

Misty is not a large horse, but she took over as alpha horse as soon as she arrived. On her first day here, she was put in a pasture by herself, but Lucy apparently wanted to bully her, so Lucy knocked over a fence post and jumped over the fence to get in the pasture with her. Misty scared Lucy away, and Lucy went over to the gate and stood there, waiting to be let out. Misty still has her own pasture, and she and Lucy have standoffs at the fence.

Misty has an odd habit of laying flat on the ground to take a nap, sometimes several times a day. The first few times this happened, we ran over to care for her and called the vet, thinking she was seriously ill. Sometimes she also takes little naps while being groomed.

She is good with people, even ones she has never met before, and she gets along well with dogs; she just doesn't care much for other horses.

We recently found out that Misty has skin cancer. She is being treated with chemotherapy via a skin cream. The cancer will probably prove fatal eventually, but for now she is doing well.

Misty in her daytime shelter

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