In Memory Of


June, 2016

Missy standing on the back patio of the Cat House

Missy and her kitten Fluff were feral cats who were taken in by a lady who cared for them for around 3 years. Missy was around 2 or 3 years old when she was rescued. Eventually the lady developed health problems, and had to move away. A friend of hers was a volunteer at Journey's End, and brought Missy and Fluff here.

Missy used to be an expert at hiding and escaping. One time she got into a hole in a block wall, and a man chipped away at the blocks to get her out, but when he reached in, Missy severely tore up his hand. Another time she got into the crawl space above the Cat House, and no one was able to get her out. From there she was able to climb out of the building and get into the horse pasture, but she returned when called by the volunteer who brought her here.

Missy eventually overcame her wildness, and she would come to people she knew, sometimes even running over to see them. For a long time she would only put up with grooming at arm's length and would run off if we tried to hold her. Eventually she would still play hard-to-get, but if we were able to hold her, she would relax and purr and let us groom her, sometimes even falling asleep during the grooming.

Missy lived to be quite old, and she had some health issues, including inflammation in her intestines. She was difficult to catch and take to the vet, but once she was there, she was very cooperative and purred and kneaded her paws while being examined.

Missy sitting on the back patio

Missy under the table

Missy sitting in the front room of the Cat House

Missy sitting on the back patio, looking over her shoulder