In Memory Of


December, 2012

Beautiful Missy was found nearby on state road 15-A in DeLand. It appeared that she had been hit by a car since she was unable to move. A couple stopped and pulled her out of the road. They called police and others for help, but after two hours no one had arrived, so they called Journey's End.

Florence and volunteer Lori Beth went to get Missy and take her to a vet. She was covered with huge round ticks, some of which just fell off as she was examined. At first the vet also assumed she was paralyzed from being hit by a car and thought she would have to be put down. But Florence said, "Remember that other dog we had like this who got better?" The vet agreed to see what they could do.

Later that day, Florence got a call from the vet's technicians. They had bathed Missy to remove the ticks and fleas, and miraculously, a few hours later she was sitting up on her own. They said she had tick fever, which can cause temporary paralysis when the ticks get embedded near the spinal cord.

Missy recovered completely and lived in the hallway with the other big dogs. She was probably a chow mix, based on her appearance and her partly-black tongue. She didn't have an alpha personality, but she was a big girl and wouldn't let the other dogs push her around. If one of the alpha dogs like Buddy or Olivia got in her space, she would have a momentary flash of fierce snarling until they backed off. But she was always sweet-natured and friendly with people, and loved to be brushed and petted.

Missy lived to be quite old. She eventually got a herniated disk in her spine, and was operated on. She was never fully able to walk again. She had various complications, including pneumonia and infections, and passed away, apparently from the infections.