Minnie sitting in the window of the computer room

Minnie was found in the parking lot of a thrift store in DeLand. Her left rear leg was broken in multiple places. The first vet we took her to said that the leg would have to be amputated. We took her to another vet who tried splinting the leg, but it couldn't be saved and still had to be amputated.

Minnie had already been spayed, and she had a clipped ear, so she had probably been living on the streets for awhile and had been trapped, spayed, and released. She growled a little when the vets examined her broken leg, but she was pretty cooperative, so we knew she wasn't totally feral.

After she came home to Journey's End, she had to live in a cage for many weeks until she was totally recovered. She was probably in pain for awhile (even with pain medication) and even bit one of our staff members, but after she recovered she became sweet and gentle. She has no trouble jumping on the chair and the desk.

Minnie lives in the computer room with Mary Poppins. She was named in honor of our previous cat Minnie, who she resembles and who also used to live in the same part of the house.

Minnie sitting on the desk in the computer room

Minnie on the chair in the computer room

Minnie in the display cabinet

Minnie likes hanging out in the display cabinet

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