In Memory Of


June, 2012

Minnie and Mickey came from a colony of cats living outdoors near an antiques store in Barberville. Some of the cats in the colony were feral and some had been abandoned there. The store owners fed them. There were train tracks nearby, and quite a few of them were killed by trains.

Florence used to go there to trap the cats so they could be spayed and neutered. Mickey and Minnie were friendly and didn't need to be trapped. Florence was able to just pick them up and bring them home to Journey's End. They were probably not related to each other.

Minnie lived in the back kitchen with Daisy and some of the hounds. She sometimes would go wandering at night, or when Daisy and the other dogs were outside, but otherwise she mostly stayed in the kitchen. She was a small cat, but she had a very loud meow that could be heard from several rooms away. She got along with other cats and used to live with a group of them here, but the others had already passed away.

Minnie lived to be around 17 or 18 years old. In her later years, she had no teeth, and her kidneys started to fail, so she was on a special diet. But her blood test results were good and she was otherwise healthy til the end. One day she was found comatose, and soon passed away.