In Memory Of


January, 2011

MiniScooter came to us as a kitten around 10 to 12 weeks old. She was born with the same birth defect as Scooter, where her hind legs were misshapen and paralyzed. She originally had another name, but everyone just called her MiniScooter, so that became her official name.

Her original owner didn't want her, presumably due to her birth defect, and she was taken in by a rescue group. They took her to a local vet for a diagnosis and advice. He told them, "She looks like a Journey's End cat", and the rescue group arranged for her to come here.

Volunteer Janice designed and built her custom wheels, after trying many prototypes, so she could scoot around and play.

She was sweet-natured and friendly, and liked to be held. She received frequent baths to keep her clean. She was very playful, especially when she was in her wheels.

MiniScooter became ill one day, and was taken to the vet's office where she died from kidney failure.

MiniScooter as a kitten

Steve gives MiniScooter a ride on the riding mower