In Memory Of


December, 2016

Mickey on a cat bed in the sunny window

Mickey and Minnie came from a colony of cats living outdoors near an antiques store in Barberville. Some of the cats in the colony were feral and some had been abandoned there. The store owners fed them. There were train tracks nearby, and quite a few of them were killed by trains.

Florence used to go there to trap the cats so they could be spayed and neutered. Mickey and Minnie were friendly and didn't need to be trapped. Florence was able to just pick them up and bring them home to Journey's End. They were probably not related to each other.

Mickey lived to be quite old, and had no teeth in his final years, but otherwise he was in good health until the end. He was friendly and always enjoyed attention. He lived with Dede and Pops in the back kitchen. There used to be a group of other cats in that room, including Minnie, but the others eventually all passed away. At that point we tried moving him into a room with other cats, but he didn't like being with them, so we moved him back to the kitchen. He also spent time in the computer room.

Eventually Mickey became very thin and weak and we were planning to have him put down, but he passed away on his own. He was probably close to 20 years old.

Mickey on a blanket with a wolf's face on it

Mickey on a blanket with a wolf's face on it

Mickey on a blanket

Mickey on the table in the kitchen