In Memory Of


April, 2017

Max was a Black Lab/Rottweiler mix who was abandoned when he was young. When he arrived at Journey's End, he was untrained and unneutered. He was hyperactive, and loved chewing on anything he could get his teeth on. He would play constantly, including jumping on and chewing on the other dogs and on his human friends.

Max soon settled down quite a bit, probably because he outgrew his puppy phase, and also because he received a lot of special attention and training from volunteer Jason. He still liked to play, but mostly when he went outdoors. After training, he was easy-going, friendly, quiet, and well-behaved, and got along well with people and his fellow dogs.

Max lived for many years with his best friend Buck and various other roommates. He lived to be fairly old, and one day we found that he had passed away in his sleep.