Mary Poppins

Mary Poppins standing in the back yard

Mary Poppins is an elderly lab mix who was found as a stray in DeLand by a waitress at a local restaurant. Her owner couldn't be found, and we assume she was probably abandoned as it seems unlikely she would have run away. Her left rear leg is crooked, and she walks very stiffly. She has a lot of fatty tumors, has skin problems, and is missing a lot of teeth. She apparently had had many litters of puppies.

Mary Poppins is a sweet and gentle dog, and she fit in right away with the hounds in the back room that she lives with now. She is friendly with people. We are treating her with the cold laser machine to try to ease any pain and inflammation.

Mary Poppins lying on her bed

Mary Poppins standing outside by the back door

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