Marvin standing in the grass along the fence

Marvin used to live in Mt. Dora, but his owner passed away. The man's brother and his wife came from out of state to take care of his house and other affairs, but they couldn't keep Marvin. He was 9 years old at the time and had a history of seizures, so his chances of being adopted from a shelter were slim, and he came to Journey's End to live out his days.

Marvin's seizures were controlled by medication, and he hadn't had one in several years before coming to Journey's End. He did have one after he arrived (at first we thought he was just dreaming), so the vet increased his medication dose and he hasn't had any more.

Marvin has always seemed like a very happy dog, and he had no trouble adjusting to life at Journey's End. He is friendly with people and gets along well with his fellow hound dogs in the back room where he lives. He loves running around following scents in the back yard.

Marvin walking in the yard

Marvin following a scent by the pool

Marvin walking in a shady corner of the yard

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