In Memory Of


February, 2016

Marshmallow was a pit bull who was abandoned around Thanksgiving of 2007. When she arrived, she had skin infections, and could hardly walk due to swollen feet. She was estimated to be around 3 to 5 years old, and hadn't yet been spayed.

Marshmallow was sweet and good-natured, although a bit hyperactive. She got along well with the other large dogs, and played with them outside every day. But she and Olivia were both aggressive over food, so at first she slept and ate alone in a room near the pool. Eventually she moved in with Buck and Max, where she lived happily for quite a few years.

One day Marshmallow was having trouble walking, and we took her to the vet. They found that she had lymphoma and mammary gland cancer, and due to her age and the aggressiveness of the cancer, she had to be put down.

Florence gets a kiss from Marshmallow

Marshmallow in a rare moment of rest