Manxi on the bookshelf

Manxi is a small Manx cat with the short tail typical of his breed. He had been living outside at our CPA's office, probably after being abandoned. They fed him for awhile and then arranged for him to come here. He was a young adult when he arrived.

Manxi is very sweet, friendly, and curious. He lived for awhile in an all-cats room in the main house, but he seemed bored and constantly tried to slip into the front room. At first Opie would lunge at him as if he were going to attack, so we tried to keep him out of the front room. But they eventually made their peace (after a few swats from Manxi), so now he is allowed in the front room. He also slips out the front door sometimes to go outside, but we are trying to keep him in, since he is so curious we are afraid he might wander too far.

Manxi is in good health except he has chronic gum disease, which caused him quite a bit of pain. (He would sometimes shriek when eating, or if we tried to open his mouth to examine him.) He recently had to have all his teeth pulled. He was a little cranky after his surgery, possibly because he was temporarily moved back into the all-cats room, but now he's back to his usual good-natured self.

Manxi on top of the cans of cat food

Manxi on top of the container of dog biscuits

Manxi on top of the bin of dog biscuits in the front room

Manxi on the wooden bench

Manxi on the wood bench in the front room

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