In Memory Of


November, 2016

Maggie had apparently been abandoned and was living in the woods near the I-4 freeway. Some people saw her and began bringing her food, but she wouldn't let them get near and would only come out at night to eat. Finally after several weeks, they were able to coax her into their car, and they brought her to Journey's End.

Maggie used to be quite shy and would usually run off when approached, but soon she became more relaxed and friendly. She used to live with some of the other big dogs in one of the back rooms, but then she was moved to the PeeWee room to live with the small dogs, who she got along well with.

She lived to be very old and for awhile was the longest-term resident dog at Journey's End. She had heart arrhythmia for the last several years of her life, and was given medication 3 times a day for it. A few months before she passed away, she gently fell over while she was walking, and we assume it was a small stroke, but she recovered. Then one day as we were getting ready to take Bama to the vet, Maggie had a major stroke and had to be put down.