In Memory Of


September, 2014

Maddie seems to have been destined to end up at Journey's End. She was first spotted by volunteer Terri, who saw her outside while driving with her husband, but they assumed Maddie lived nearby. Then a few days later, they saw her again, and watched as a van stopped and picked her up. The couple in the van started arguing, and later Florence got a call from the wife. The husband didn't want to keep Maddie and had called Animal Control, but the wife wouldn't give Maddie up. Finally, he threatened that if Maddie were still there when he got home, he would take her to Animal Control himself. So Maddie was accepted at Journey's End, and the next time Terri came to volunteer, she immediately recognized Maddie as the same dog she had seen twice before.

Maddie was around 5 or 6 years old when she was found, and she hadn't been spayed yet. She was always a little shy, but was okay with people she knew. She loved a good belly rub. She got around very well on her 3 legs, and loved being outside. Her favorite activity was chasing and barking at squirrels, but as far as we know, she never caught one, despite her best efforts.

Maddie eventually had kidney and heart failure. The vets said they could have kept her alive another week, but Florence didn't want to put her thru that, and she was put down to avoid any more suffering.

Maddie and Kitty Boy