In Memory Of


November, 2012

Maaa-Maaa (AKA Bijou) used to live on a neighbor's property near Journey's End, and one day Florence heard her loudly crying in distress. She had given birth to 2 babies who were only about 5 hours old. According to the vet who saw her later, she only had enough milk for one of the babies due to scar tissue in her udder, so she instinctively rejected the smaller one, Baaabette, in order to try to save the other, Baaarney.

Florence offered to take all 3 sheep in, and the neighbor agreed. Baaabette was nursed through her early days at Journey's End with frequent bottle feedings of sheep formula. Maaa-Maaa and Baaarney would watch from a distance, maybe a little jealous but too shy to come over.

Maaa-Maaa soon had surgery to have her udder removed due to the scar tissue. She was always very shy and prefered to watch visitors from a distance.

She lived to be very old and eventually started to get thin. The vet did blood tests but found nothing wrong, and said her thinness was just due to old age. One morning, she appeared to be fine, but by afternoon she had passed away.

Maaa-Maaa (center), with Baaam-Baaam (left) and Banjo