In Memory Of


December, 2012

Lulu was a hound who was abandoned at a construction site at around 8 years old. She was weak and in fairly poor condition when found. She had very bad teeth and some of them had to be removed. She had an arched back, and a hard lump on her back that had to be aspirated. She would quiver when urinating, which may have been due to pain in her back.

Our best guess is that Lulu had been used for breeding. (The vet estimated that she had possibly had as many as 20 litters.) When she arrived, she hadn't been spayed, and she hardly had any fur on her sides, possibly from sleeping on concrete in a pen. She also had a real fondness for smaller dogs, which could be due to being around puppies in her past life. When she was in the front room, she would often stand at the door and watch the little dogs when they were outside. She liked being let out with them, and they eventually came to accept her even though she was much larger.

Lulu had apparently known hunger at some point in her past, and she quickly became notorious for stealing any food she could get at. She would immediately devour any people-food left on the counter, including sandwiches, snacks, and Florence's dinner. She would grab and run off with any bowl of cat food that was left within her reach, and all garbage had to be well secured. She was usually very good-natured, except when food was involved. We had to feed her separately from the other dogs to prevent any aggression.

Lulu was eventually diagnosed with diabetes. We gave her insulin shots twice a day and thought she would be okay, but she only lasted a few more weeks. One morning, she had been sleeping back to back with Powder, but when Powder got up, we saw that Lulu had passed away.

Lulu watches the little dogs in the PeeWee room