In Memory Of


April, 2014

Lucy was a pit bull who was abandoned. She was approximately 9 years old when she arrived, and hadn't yet been spayed. She was in good health.

Lucy lived in a room with one of our resident staff members. She was aggressive with other dogs, so she couldn't live in any of our rooms that have other dogs, and we didn't trust her to be safe with cats. She was also aggressive with the chickens and roosters, so she could only be walked in the horse pastures. Once when she was being walked, she tried to attack the horse Amber, but Amber responded with a swift kick, which luckily didn't injure Lucy. As far as we know, she never bit anyone, although she had growled at Florence.

Lucy was one of the few animals we tried to adopt out to a private home, hoping that she'd have a better quality of life with the extra personal attention. But soon she lunged at the face of a child in the home, so the family returned her to us.

Fortunately she was well-behaved with the staff member who lived with her, and they had a very special bond. He provided all her care, and walked her around the horse pasture on a leash. She seemed to respect him and never was aggressive with him.

One day after her walk, Lucy suddenly went down and passed away. The vet thinks it was probably due to a heart attack or blood clot.