Lucy was a Premarin horse — a mare who is used for producing hormones. She was one of around 200 such horses from Canada who were rescued, but she got her front right leg caught in the trailer that was transporting them. She got a serious bone infection, and the vets at first thought she would be lame. Her leg is okay now, but it is weak and she can't be ridden, or even exercised much.

Lucy was a bit of a brat when she came here, as she had never been ridden, or handled much. A horse whisperer came and worked with her. He had her canter and gallop in a circle on a lead rope. She kept her ear toward him the whole time, which he said was a good sign. He kept encouraging her to keep going, and eventually she stopped, at which point he said she was willing to "negotiate". He turned his back to her, and she came over and put her head on his shoulder. At that point, he said they were friends. He eventually got her used to a blanket and then a saddle, and he was even able to ride her briefly, but she limped and he decided it was better not to ride her anymore.

My Name Is Lucy
by Jennifer

My name is Lucy;
I'm the fattest horse you'll see.
Look under "brat" in the dictionary —
There's a picture of me.

I'll eat anything, anywhere,
And, oh, by the way,
I don't care whose it is;
I'll eat anybody's hay!

I'm the youngest horse at Journey's End,
You know, I'm only eight.
But I've seen enough in my short years
To know this place is great.

The other horses couldn't write
A poem any better,
And I really hope that you enjoy
this holiday newsletter.

(from the December, 2008 newsletter)

Lucy and Amber

Lucy (left) and her best friend Amber (the masks keep the flies from tormenting them in the summer)

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