In Memory Of


February, 2017

Luca on top of the cabinet

Luca was found as a tiny kitten, probably less than 4 weeks old, in the backyard of a home in the DeLand area. He had a broken leg, and he also tested positive for feline leukemia, which is where his name came from. The vets operated to fix his leg and put a pin in it to stabilize it. His leg healed very well, and he had no trouble running and jumping.

We were going to have Luca live with a vet tech who wanted him, so he could be an "only cat" and not potentially spread leukemia to other cats. But Luca hissed when he met the man's dog (which wasn't surprising on a first meeting), so he decided he didn't want Luca and returned him.

Luca was a happy and active kitten in an all-cats room in the main house. He was very friendly and loved to be held or to climb on people's shoulders. We were hoping that the leukemia test result was a false positive, but unfortunately it wasn't, and he also had a blood disease that caused problems with his red blood cells. After he became sick, he sadly had to be put down.

Luca on the cat tower

Luca wrapped around Mikey's shoulders as he works

Luca loves to lie around people's shoulders, especially when they are trying to work

Luca being held by a vet tech at the vet's office

Luca at the vet's office, after being treated for his broken leg