Louie is a long-haired chihuahua, around 3 to 5 years old. A lady was driving on a nearby road in Glenwood, and Louie ran under her car. She was able to stop without injuring him, but he wouldn't come out from under the car. He growled and snapped, and finally a noose had to be used to lead him into a carrier.

It turned out Louie had a microchip, and Florence called his owner. The owner lived across town but was away on vacation, and the pet-sitter hadn't told him yet that the dog had escaped. The owner said that Louie had escaped before. He didn't seem to want Louie back and eventually stopped returning Florence's calls, so Louie became a Journey's End resident.

When Louie arrived, he was very nervous, barking constantly and growling at anyone who approached. Florence put him in the livingroom, so he would hopefully calm down in the relative peace and quiet. (This is the one room of the house that Florence tries to maintain as a people-only zone, but it never seems to stay that way.) She added Troubles to keep him company. They quickly became best friends, and they played constantly. Louie is much calmer and quieter and friendlier now, but he still has plenty of energy.

Louie is usually very friendly, but he doesn't liked to be picked up, and sometimes will bite if anyone tries to do so.

Louie accepts a treat from a visitor

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