In Memory Of


December, 2012

Lola was a Walker Hound, estimated to be about 8 years old when she came to us. She was found by a local restaurant owner who was out on her boat. She saw Lola on shore, in a wilderness area many miles from any houses, where she apparently had been abandoned. Lola told the story of her lucky rescue in our October, 2008 newsletter.

When Lola arrived here, she weighed only 40 pounds. She had heartworms, and was very thin and weak. With medical care and a good diet, she quickly improved. She put on around 25 pounds and became very active and energetic. She lived with Dede.

Lola could be a bit mischievous. She loved to stay outside, and she pretended not to hear when we called her to come in at night.

Lola eventually developed cancer, and had other health issues, such as an enlarged spleen, all of which she was treated for. She had been up and about one morning, but later in the day Florence found that she had passed away.

Lola (with Sheba)

Lola when she first arrived

Another view of Lola when she first arrived