In Memory Of

Little Girl

February, 2013

Little Girl was a real survivor. She used to live with a colony of cats behind a fast food restaurant near the I-4 freeway in Orlando. One day a man eating at the restaurant saw 2 little kittens eating french fries off the parking lot pavement. He fed them, and eventually was able to trap them. He adopted one, but the other was too wild and had to be returned. He saw other cats nearby, and he became the caretaker for the colony. There was a large undeveloped lot next to the restaurant, with a lot of trees and shrubs that provided shelter for the cats.

For 4 years, he drove 30 minutes each way almost every day to feed the cats. Over the years, he adopted several of them, including a pregnant female who soon had her kittens. Then a lady who lived nearby started feeding them on weekdays, while the man continued feeding them on weekends, and they continued that way for another year and a half.

Eventually a large hotel construction project was started, and the lot was bulldozed for the hotel. The 2 remaining survivors, Little Girl and Skinny Boy, lost their shelter. Skinny Boy was soon hit by a car, and his leg was broken and badly cut up. The lady adopted him and took him to a vet, but he eventually had to be euthanized. He was buried near the tree at the restaurant where they used to be fed.

Little Girl started living in a drainage ditch along the freeway. Her only shelter was a large pipe that ran thru the ditch. Eventually the man and woman who fed her were able to trap her, and they arranged for her to come to Journey's End.

Little Girl was very sweet-natured and cooperative after being trapped, but she was shy with people she didn't know. She lived to be very old, but she eventually became very thin and had problems with multiple organs starting to fail, so she had to be put down.

Little Girl's only shelter was a drainage pipe in the ditch

On one side of the ditch was a busy freeway ...

... and on the other side was a big construction project