In Memory Of


August, 2014

Lilo was born with a deformed pelvic bone and was unable to use her hind legs since birth. Her hips couldn't move, and her rear leg muscles atrophied. After she was weaned, she was brought to a veterinarian to be put down, but he recognized her enthusiasm for life and strong will and didn't want to do it.

Her disability could not be corrected, but Lilo didn't let that stop her from enjoying life to the fullest, scooting and bouncing herself to wherever she wanted to go with great energy. She spent the first year of her life living at the veterinary clinic, stealing the hearts of all who encountered her.

When the people at the vet's office heard about Journey's End, they arranged for her to come here. Since she was full grown by then, she was able to be fitted for a dog cart and soon had her wheels! She adapted to them so fast, it was as if she'd been born with them. Two of the blind residents began to play tug-o-war with toys, the larger dogs pulling Lilo around as she hung on for dear life with her teeth! She and Joey soon became best friends.

Lilo lived to be over 11 years old, although vets had told us that dogs with her disability seldom lived past 2 years. She had bladder infections that sometimes caused bleeding, although luckily it wasn't cancer as first suspected. She also had what appeared to be seizures, but it turned out they were just muscle spasms, so she then slept on a special bed, and that seemed to have helped a lot. She didn't use her wheels as she got older, but she was still friendly and alert and very much a part of the daily life at Journey's End.

Lilo eventually developed kidney failure, and she let us know that it was time to be let go. Many of her human friends were heartbroken, but were glad she had such a good long life.

Lilo, Powder, and Joey

Lilo and Joey

Lilo gets a daily "walk" by going for a ride in her limo