In Memory Of


March, 2016

Levi in front of the car port

Levi used to live on the streets in DeBary. He was probably a purebred beagle, and was estimated to be 12 years old when he was found in 2012.

The people who rescued him took him to a vet, who found he was in poor condition. He was blind in his left eye, and his right eye was badly scratched and damaged. (The vet thinks he probably injured his eyes himself in the woods.) He had a large fatty tumor on his chest and over his right shoulder, but it was intertwined with blood vessels and lymph nodes, so at first the vet said it would be too difficult to remove and it would be better to leave it alone. He had bad skin when he was found, and his nails were so long that they were starting to grow back into his feet. His teeth were so bad on one side of his mouth that they all had to be removed, but for some reason they were in good condition on the other side.

Levi was very active when he arrived, although he slowed down a lot as he got older. He was usually friendly, although he could be moody and tense, and sometimes would snap at people if he was in a bad mood or if they approached him from his blind side. He was well-behaved, although he liked to bark frequently with an ear-splitting bark. He lived in the front room of the house.

Levi eventually had surgery to remove the fatty tumor, as it had grown larger and was causing him discomfort. He recovered well after the surgery. He lived a couple more years, but eventually went into kidney failure and was having trouble standing, and had to be put down.

Levi on his dog bed

Levi in the driveway

Levi in the driveway

Levi in the driveway

Levi on the lawn