In Memory Of


May, 2012

Lester was a big, gorgeous cat with soft, thick silvery fur. He was found in a home with a lot of cats, including dead cats and kittens, and his owner was convicted of cruelty. Of the 8 cats who could be rescued, Lester was the last to find a home. He wasn't shy and he liked to be petted, but only on his terms, and his mood could change quickly.

Lester had FIV, but he was in excellent health and lived to be quite old. Unfortunately, towards the end of his life, his fur was sometimes a bit matted, as he didn't like to be groomed and would get very stressed and angry if any grooming was attempted.

Lester lived in the front room, but he liked his privacy and often slept in the cabinet under the sink.

Lester's Poem
by Florence Thuot

Hello, my name is Lester,
And I want my dinner NOW!
If you're allowed to pet me,
I'll tell you WHEN AND HOW!

They say I'm pretty persnickety;
Well, I don't know about THAT!
Those of you who accuse me —
Have you noticed I'm a CAT?!

(from the August, 2006 newsletter)