In Memory Of


April, 2010

Lancelot was abandoned as a young dog, left tied at a fence gate with food, brushes, and other supplies. When he first arrived here, he chewed everything he could, even destroying tables and mattresses. Then he suddenly stopped. He might have been teething.

He grew into a beautiful dog. His original name was Willis, but he was renamed to Lancelot because he was so handsome. He was easygoing and got along well with people and other animals.

For a few years, Lancelot would sometimes go to public events with volunteer Michelle. He loved her and would panic if she left him, even for a few minutes.

Lancelot lived in the back room with the other big dogs for many years. But when Sampson arrived, a skirmish broke out, and one of the other dogs attacked Lancelot. He was uninjured, but we moved him to the front room so he would be safe. He received more attention than ever from visitors, and he was very happy there.

Lancelot had some health issues as he got older. He had a thyroid problem that he received medication for, and he had hip problems. Eventually he also developed swollen lymph glands, which turned out to be caused by lymphoma, and he had to be put down a few months later.