In Memory Of

Kitty Boy

April, 2013

Kitty Boy (AKA Sunshine) came to Journey's End along with Marni, Remy, and Purrzy. They belonged to a lady in South Florida who developed Alzheimer's and could no longer care for them. She had 14 cats total, but she didn't notice when her daughter brought these 4 to Journey's End.

Kitty Boy was around 8 to 10 years old when he arrived, and he had FIV. He was very sweet and loved to be held and petted. He liked and needed a lot of attention, so Florence moved him to the front room where he could meet plenty of people. He got along well with the other cats and often shared a bed with them.

Kitty Boy liked being outside and never ran off, so he was one of the few cats with outdoor priveleges. He could often be found lounging on the front patio.

Eventually Kitty Boy developed a cancerous tumor on his face, and when it became too large, he had to be put down.

Kitty Boy and Casper