In Memory Of


February, 2014

Keeper was a small dog, probably a corgi mix, estimated to be 8 to 10 years old when she arrived. She was found along a road by a young man. He cared for her for around 3 weeks, but was unable to keep her, so Florence agreed to take her in.

Keeper was already losing her vision and hearing when she arrived. Most of her fur was soft and beautiful, but she had a skin condition on her lower back that she was treated for.

The man who found her called her Lucy. The day she arrived, some teenage volunteers were here. They fell in love with her, and all day long they kept asking Florence if she was going to keep her. So Florence renamed her Keeper.

Keeper loved being outside, but at first she would hide in the bushes, and we'd have to go searching for her. She finally learned to stand at the front door when she wanted to come in.

Florence called her a "sleep-aholic" because she spent most of her day sleeping. She shared a portion of the front room with BooBoo, who also slept most of the day.

Keeper was here a little over 2 years. She eventually began hitting her head on things and crying, and had to be put down a couple of days later. The vet thought she might have had liver failure.

Keeper shortly after she arrived (she received treatment for her skin problem)