Junior is a very large hound, probably a Walker Hound, who is a little over a year old. A lady who works in DeBary was driving home with her husband, and on a lark they decided to take a new route home that they had never taken before. They found Junior along the road, but he wouldn't come to them. He was living in the woods near a trailer park.

The lady called Florence, and she suggesting leaving food and water at the same time every day, and said he would eventually come to them. They left food and water, but the next day, the dog and the bowls were gone.

Florence guessed that Animal Control had picked him up, and indeed they had. Since he was so large and wild, they knew he wouldn't be adoptable, so they offered to waive his fees if we would take him in. They took him to the vet, and we picked him up from there. He was unneutered and had heartworms, and was very thin. He had scars on his face, possibly from fighting with other animals, or just from getting scratched up in the woods.

Junior is the bad-boy of Journey's End. He was well-behaved during his initial visit to the vet, but as soon as he came home he began misbehaving, and he hasn't stopped since. He isn't mean, but he is still very wild, and will jump on, claw at, and push around anyone who comes into the back bedroom. He has endless energy, and will chew up anything he can.

We optimistically believe there is a good dog in there somewhere wanting to come out. Two of our volunteers work with him regularly to try to socialize him, and Florence even consulted with a pet psychic. We are hoping that he calms down as he gets more socialized and grows out of his puppy phase.

Junior leaves a path of destruction ...

... and more destruction

Junior has no trouble peering over the 6 foot fence

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