Joey sitting by the table outside

Joey came to Journey's End many years ago because his humans just didn't want him any longer. He didn't really qualify for Journey's End, as he was young and healthy, but we soon fell in love with him, and he bonded with us and the other animals.

Soon after Joey arrived, Florence had a birthday party, and there were some balloons that were held down by weights. Joey grabbed one of the weights and ran off with it, but he was terrorized by the balloon that bumped along behind him. He ran and ran to escape the balloon, but the thought never occurred to him to just let go of the weight. Everyone laughed so hard that Florence decided she had to keep him.

Joey immediately became known as the "therapy dog". He kept everyone laughing and played constantly with the other dogs, keeping them active. He came to Journey's End at a time when Lilo had just lost her best friend. Joey quickly filled that void, and became friends with every person and dog he met.

Joey has slowed down a bit as he has gotten older and he enjoys his naps, but he is still sweet-natured and a friend to all. He is often one of the first dogs to greet visitors.

Joey lying in the driveway

Joey lying in the sand, as a young dog

Joey as a young dog, shortly after he arrived

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