In Memory Of


August, 2009

Jody was abandoned was he was around 6 months old. He was on arthritis medicine, but otherwise had pretty good health until he was around 18. He finally got cancer and had to be put down.

Jody lived by himself in a room near the pool, although he had the big dogs for companions. Pigs aren't terribly social animals and they don't always get along with each other, so we didn't put him with Petunia, although Jody got along well with the dogs.

Jody would walk around a little in the daytime and sleep in different shady areas near the pool, but he came back indoors to his nest of blankets at night.

Jody fell in the pool once, but luckily he fell into the shallow end, and that was when he was still small. He used to love to push people into the pool, and more than one pool cleaner or volunteer ended up going for an unexpected swim.

Jody told his story in our July, 2007 newsletter.