Jewel in a cat bed

Jewel came to Journey's End as a kitten around 6-8 weeks old. She was found in some thick grass by a landscaper as he was mowing a yard. He came within a couple of feet of running over her, but luckily something caught his eye at the last second and he stopped. Her left rear leg was badly broken, which no doubt was the reason she couldn't run away from the mower. We don't know how her leg was broken.

At first the vets thought Jewel's leg might heal on its own, but they soon realized she would need surgery to ensure it would heal properly. They did the surgery and put in a metal rod. She did very well after the surgery, but she temporarily had to live in a cage until her leg got better.

Jewel seems to have made a full recovery, and she walks without any limping. She soon became best friends with Casper, and they often play and share a bed. She is friendly and purrs quietly when she is petted. She lives in the front room of the main house.

Jewel in a cat bed, with her leg shaved after her surgery

Jewel's left rear leg looks white because it had to be completely shaved for her surgery

Jewel in a cat bed with Casper

Jewel and Casper have become friends, and often play and share a bed

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