Jake standing outside by the orange tree

Jake is a black Lab mix who came from a shelter in northern Georgia. He was rescued and brought to the Daytona Beach area, but his rescuers abandoned him at a local vet's office. He was around 12 years old when he arrived at Journey's End.

Jake had probably spent his life tied outside, and his collar cut into his neck. The vet told us the fur will probably never grow back. He also had some fatty tumors, but otherwise was in good health.

Jake is friendly and good-natured and approaches everyone for attention, although he moves slowly due to his age. He loves being petted. He lives in one of the back rooms with Wilbur and some of the hounds.

Jake standing under the shade tree

Brandon petting Jake

Jake gets some petting from Brandon

Florence pets Jake as he nuzzles her leg

Florence petting Jake

Jake's bare skin where the collar used to be

Jake's fur will probably never grow back after wearing a tight collar for years

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