Jake the dachshund standing on the front patio

Jake is a dapple dachshund who was found wandering near a busy intersection north of DeLand, where we have heard a lot of dogs are abandoned. He was estimated to be 12 years old when found. His right eye was swollen and looked like it might have a serious problem, but the vision specialist found it was a minor problem with his third eyelid. He also had tapeworms.

Jake also had some sores on his lower back that the vets found were caused by intestinal cancer. They operated and removed all they could, but they said it was very invasive. His follow-up X-rays were clear, so it hasn't metastasized, but they said it may come back so we'll have to keep monitoring him.

Jake is very sweet and good-natured. He is very friendly with people and gets along well with the other dogs and with the cats. He seemed to have no problem adjusting to his new home here. He likes running around outside, and he chases the chickens and roosters, although so far he hasn't caught any of them.

There's more on Jake's story in our April, 2016 newsletter.

Jake on a blanket in the front room

Jake walking past the pool table

Jake beside the small statue in the garden

Jake on a dog bed

Jake on the day after he arrived, with a badly swollen right eye

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