In Memory Of


April, 2016

A lady found Jackson (AKA Jawless Jackson) on a road at night in a rural area of central Florida. He was missing most of his lower jaw, although he may have had some small teeth in the little portion of jaw that he had. The vets think he was probably born that way. They estimated he was around 6 years old when found. He was probably a purebred chihuahua, and was in good health. He had no trouble eating on his own.

Jackson had a microchip, but the owner's information was not up to date, and the vets were unable to locate the owner. They also tried finding a home for him, but were unsuccessful, so they contacted Journey's End to see if we could give him a home.

Jackson was very friendly, active, and playful, and liked being held. He loved to run around in the yard, and would run out the front gate if we weren't careful. He loved to chase and be chased by the other small dogs, especially his friend Chachi.

Jackson and Chachi

Jackson on the run from Chachi

Jackson, Chachi (rear), and Maggie (right),
with visiting Girl Scouts