Iris walking on the front lawn

Iris was born with a neurological problem similar to Oreo, where she can't control her balance or coordination, and wobbles and stumbles when she tries to walk.

Iris was feral and used to live near the jetty by the ocean in Ponce Inlet. A couple of visitors from Brooklyn saw her there with her mother and her mother's other kittens. Iris fell among the rocks of the jetty, and she couldn't keep up with the others when they ran off.

The visitors thought that the mother cat would return for Iris, but when they came back later, they found that she had stumbled into the road and was very sick. They rushed her to a vet, and it turned out she had heatstroke, with a temperature of 107 degrees. The vet got her temperature under control, and he found that she was otherwise in good health except for her neurological problem. She was estimated to be around 5 weeks old.

Iris loves being outside and spends much of the day outdoors. She usually comes when Florence calls her to come inside, but sometimes she ignores Florence and we have to look everywhere to find her. At night she sleeps in a large cage in the front room. (Normally Journey's End animals never live in cages, but this is for her own safety.)

Despite her cute appearance, Iris is still wild and is very feisty. She does not like to be petted or groomed, and will repeatedly bite and scratch anyone who tries to hold her. She has a low growl that signals she is about to attack.

Iris tells her story in our July, 2011 newsletter.

Iris as a kitten, on a red blanket

Iris as a kitten, shortly after she arrived

Iris as a kitten

Iris playing with a cat toy

Iris being held by our friend Iris, for whom she is named

Iris is held by our friend and supporter Iris, for whom she was named

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